Stewart snatches late win for sea eagles

Stewart snatches late win for sea eagles

The f여수출장샵광주 출장 안마inal moments of last night’s race saw a rowdy crowd of nearly 70,000 people fill the St Andrews Straight.

With the race set to start at 11.30pm and finish at 3am on Saturday morning, organisers called on fans to get to the start line with no more than a half-past four curfew.

But for sea eagle enthusiasts on the Straight the prospect of late start could be too tempting an opportunity to ignore.

A large group – numbering around 40-50 – was gathered for the morning event on the way to the race and the last stage finish line was crowded with many looking to join them.

Packed out: The crowds lined카지노사이트추천 up on the race route following the여주출장샵 여주안마 finish line in St Andrews in celebration

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