Ace catapults johnson to milwaukee lead

Ace catapults johnson to milwaukee lead

By John O’Do포커 의 신nnell — June 12, 2013

When John Johnson of Madison, Wisconsin, and his girlfriend went camping late at night with their two catapults, the로투스 홀짝 night 슬롯 머신was calm.

“They were flying through the sky,” said Johnson, “and I think they went out for a big beer and spent that night shooting a lot.”

When the sun came up, he said, he and his girlfriend, Amanda, were in trouble. The catapults didn’t fire all at the same time. One fell on their hands, while the other landed on the bed of their pickup truck.

As the sun started to set, Johnson heard the sound of the Catapult 3-D’s explosion.

“This is a blast,” said Johnson. “It was like … my heart stopped beating.”

The Catapult 3-D was a blast.

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